Stop Saying ‘Break A Leg’- Terrible Injuries While Filming

A large number of movies have shocking acrobatics, explosions and detailed fight sequences. Though often times these sequences are shot using professional stunt artists or artificially created using CGI, there are actors who pride themselves in doing their own stunts, but in doing so they risk serious injury which can happen from time to time if even the smallest thing goes wrong.

Russell Crowe- Cinderella Man

     – It is almost poetic that Crowe actually got hurt during the filming of his gritty great depression time piece. Before filming, Crowe went through intense training in the same manner as the old time boxers. Crowe dislocated his shoulder and had to have surgery to fix the damage, pushing back the movie two months.

Sienna Miller- G.I Joe

     -Sienna suffered two separate injuries during the filming on the set of “G.I. Joe.” The first one involved her slipping on a rubber bullet and severely spraining her hand while she was attempting to safely break her fall resulting in it being greatly swollen, painful and limiting during filming. Her second injury involved the girls (her cleavage area) catching on fire while she was wearing her cat suit during an explosion gone awry. For those gents out there reading this, that would be like your spedo catching fire, it is equally as important and traumatizing.

George Clooney- Syriana
     – Clooney suffered from a fractured spine during the making of this movie. Because of the severity of the injury he had to remain completely immobile for over a month. On top of this, Clooney had a persistent migraine while bed ridden and even admits to thoughts of suicide because of the intensity of it.

Leonardo DiCaprio- Django Unchained

     -There is a scene towards the end of the movie where DiCaprio slams his hand hard on the table. This was just meant to be an emphatic gesture, but it went somewhat south when his hand met with broken glass on the table. His hand immediately starts to gush blood as it was a fairly substantial injury. Though this was obviously not supposed to happen, because DiCaprio stayed in character during the process, this injury is left in the movie, giving the already serious scene a little more of a morbid quality.

Brad Pitt- Se7en– Troy
     -This aging heart throb has more than one serious filming injury that he can blame on his movie career. While filming “Se7en” with co-star Morgan Freeman, Pitt broke his arm. Normally an injury like this would halt shooting for at least a month. Since the producers did not want to halt production, they decided to write the broken arm into the script.

     – Troy: The injury that Pitt sustained in Troy is possibly the most ironic movie injury I have ever heard of. While Pitt was shooting the climax fight sequence between Achilles (Pitt) and Hector (Eric Bana), Pitt performed a difficult jumping strike against Bana and landed awkwardly, tearing his Achilles Tendon….! (For those of you unfamiliar with Greek mythology it is said that Achilles was invincible except for his heel which is where he eventually gets shot and bleeds out. The Achilles tendon is named after him.) What I take away from this is yes, the Greek gods are real, and they mock us. For those of you familiar with sports, you know that this is no light injury.

Jennifer Aniston has a voodoo doll like this

Pitt was sidelined for months because he was limited to hobbling around which greatly inhibited his ability to run around trolling the people of Troy. When Pitt did come back they celebrated his return by shooting the scene where Legolas lances an arrow through Achilles’ eponymous heel, the precise location of Pitt’s injury. Irony People!

Nicole Kidman- Moulin Rouge
     – During the filming of this movie Kidman ended up with her knee in a cast and two broken ribs. After this, all of a sudden a lot of her scenes she is sitting down.

Halle Berry- Gothika
     -Berry and Robert Downey Jr’s scene in the mental ward became all too real when he is twisting her arm, trying to get her into a cot. While filming, they heard a popping noise that sent Berry straight to the hospital where they found out she had a broken arm.

Viggo Mortensen- The Lord of the Rings

     – On this project there were a huge number of injuries that plagued all those involved. That can happen when you give a whole group of boys real swords and tell them to pretend fight. In the second film “The Two Towers” during the Orc pyre scene, Viggo’s character kicks a helmet out of frustration, but to everyone’s surprise he also let out a scream and fell to his knees. Jackson, the director, thought this was inspired acting, he found out later that Viggo had broken two of his toes when he kicked the helmet. Later in this same movie, Viggo’s character floats down a river. Though the stunt team tested it first to make sure it was safe, they did not account for the weight of Mortensen’s costume, armor and sword. When he tried it he was quickly weighed down and sucked under the current. He was unconscious and half drowned when the film crew recovered him. He also had is front tooth cut in half during a battle sequence, Legolas broke a rib, Sam had his foot punctured all the way through with a piece of glass… fun for everyone!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt- Premium Rush

     – He flew through the back window of a Taxi on set after crashing his bike. He had to get 13 stitches to fix the large laceration.

The Clippers protesting their owner before game 4 (2 days before Silvers judgement) 
Adam Silver

-On a more serious note the NBA has taken over the news and social media platforms the past few days, not because of this years phenomenal playoffs, but for a tragic reason. The owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling, was recorded in a conversation with his girlfriend in which he reveals himself as having hateful racist views. The league was talking about nothing but this case the last few days, today the new NBA commissioner Adam Silver took swift action against Sterling. Silver fined Sterling 2.5 million dollars, suspended him for life (meaning he can’t set foot in a basketball arena or have anything else to do with the NBA) and finally Silver expressed his confidence in obtaining the votes necessary to force Sterling to sell the Los Angeles Clippers. After a very rough few days, it is heartening to see such a tough stance taken. Bravo Adam Silver!

Must Be at Least 50 Inches to Ride This Ride–Shockingly Short Celebrity Men

We all know that a large number of female celebrities are extremely short, measuring in at 5’0 or just above. Male celebrities always seem larger than life… perhaps it is because they are all short so it evens out, or because we always see them on the big screen, or the jumbo-tron.Maybe it is the fact that they use camera angles to make them look tall, or that they wear lifts in their shoes. Yeah, it’s probably the last one, or a combination of them all. Whatever the reasons are, there are a large number of shockingly short celebrities dudes so I am going to list a few because they are tiny and it is funny.
      Because I am a female who measures in at 5’10, I would dwarf every single one of these men if I stood next to them. It would be hard for me to be in awe of any of these celebrities if I met them in person because I would be able to stare directly over their heads.

Daniel Radcliffe
     – Height 5’5

This one surprised the crap out of me! I guess those wizard robes really give you that long and lean look. Which leads me to wonder why my snuggie doesn’t do the same?

     – Height 5’2
The hell? No wonder he risks breaking his neck by wearing 8 inch high platform shoes! I’ll give him credit though, he is 5’2″ of pure swag. Pimps look understated next to him.

Justin Bieber
     – Height 5’6

Dude, when the hell are you gonna go through puberty? I’m seriously just concerned. The good news is you can always stand on your piles of money and laugh at all of your haters. The bad news is your haters will laugh right back at you and say you look like Scrooge McDuck.

Lil Wayne
     – Height 5’5

I mean, I know that he technically has Lil in his name, but I thought it was kind of like the 500 pound dudes who are nicknamed “Tiny”. But no. He’s actually Lil. But he lives LARGE. When he’s not incarcerated. Then he just tries not to be someone’s bitch.

Elijah Wood
     -Height 5’6

So I guess they didn’t have to CGI Wood too much to make him short as Frodo. Maybe they can take the extra CGI money they didn’t have to use on making Wood look shorter and instead CGI me into an Aragorn/ Boromir sandwich… whaaat? That’s how CGI works right?

Bruno Mars
     -Height 5’5

Okay, we get it! You’re short, but you wanna prove you’re tough. Now I understand all this grenade-catching braggadocio. It’s like the guy with the small wang who needs the huge muscle car or hummer.

Martin Freeman
     -Height 5’5

One of the stars of the hugely popular BBC series Sherlock, Freeman plays Watson. In this show Freeman is visibly dwarfed by his co-star Benedict Cumberbatch but I always assumed that Cumberbatch was very tall, but as it turns out he is not, Freeman is just Mini candy bar sized making Cumberbatch look tall by comparison. Freeman also plays Bilbo in “The Hobbit”. Peter Jackson must be saving a fortune on special affects by hiring all these tiny people to play the main characters.

Josh Hutcherson
     -Height 5’5

I think we can all agree that he is not how we pictured Peeta in the books. Just Saying! No wonder they have never shot him next to Liam Hemsworth in that movie. Hemsworth, measuring in at 6’3 would make Hutcherson look like a joke!

The World Didn’t Start Spinning When You Were Born: Great Movies Have No Expiration Date

For those of you who know me, the following appreciation post will come as no surprise to any of you. I have had a mini obsession, or as my friends obnoxiously call it- my slight lady crush, on Meryl Streep for the better part of a decade. Though there are many talented and gifted actors working today, and who have worked in the movies, she is unanimously thought to be the most gifted, versatile and unmatched talent around. I am not so naive to say that I have liked all the movies she has been in, some have been really crappy. Though I don’t like all of her movies, her portrayal in them were always good, regardless of the quality of the film.

     The other day I was talking to a young man that I have recently met, though he is a nice kid, he said the most asinine thing I have heard in a while. He claims that no movie made before he was born is any good, or worth watching….. uuuhhhh WHAT?!! The world did not start spinning in 1997….bitch!
So, some of my younger readers may never have heard of some of these films that I am going to list, which is ridiculous, look them up! The following are only a few of the most iconic, across genre, Meryl Streep roles.

     Sophies Choice (1982)– Streep played the lead character of Sophie, a holocaust survivor struggling with her past. The role landed her a best actress Academy Award and a position on every list for greatest performance of all time. She learned Polish and German for this role so she could accurately portray a Polish refugee.

     The Bridges of Madison County– In this 1995 romantic drama, Streep played Francesca, a woman who has an affair with Clint Eastwood’s character in the film. She beat out other big names like Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lang for the lead, though Eastwood (the director and lead) claims that he only ever wanted Meryl for this role.
     Marvins Room– This 1996 film has Streep playing Lee, a rude, brash, woman estranged from her family who must reconcile after her sister needs her bone marrow transplant. This film also features such star power as Diane Keaton and a young Leonardo DiCaprio.

     The Hours– This film follows Virginia Woolf as she writes her novel “Mrs. Dalloway” and how this novel subsequently affects the two other leading characters (Nicole Kidman and Julianne Moore). Often in movies the makeup artists get paid the big bucks to make these starts look beautiful, but in this film these characters are grunged down, Nicole Kidman is hardly recognizable.  
     Kramer vs. Kramer– The 1979 drama about a divorce and subsequent custody battle won Streep her first Academy Award and was a huge critical success. Streep plays the troubled and conflicted mother who walks out on her family leaving the father (Dustin Hoffman) to try and figure out how to take care of his child solo. At this time Hoffman was going through an actual divorce himself and at times the subject matter hit too close and he crossed the acting line by legitimately slapping Meryl in scenes without warning, when they were only supposed to be staged slaps.

     The Devil Wears Prada- Streep plays Miranda Priestly, rumored to be based on the Vogue editor,
Anna Wintour. She portrays the epitome of the boss from Hell, but keeps the character very reigned in. In fact, Streep never raised her voice beyond a calm tone in the entire film. But somehow this makes her character absolutely terrifying. Her soft tone, withering looks and slight inflection in her voice, somehow makes this immaculate woman an unstoppable force.
     Mamma Mia– Though Mamma Mia is a silly movie all around, it is just light and fun, so don’t take it seriously. In this film, Streep shows off her lighter side as well as her dancing and singing capabilities (she performed all her own singing in the movie).
     Doubt– Playing a nun who believes in strict discipline, Streep takes on a role that deals with the difficult subject of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church. Fans love the extreme intensity Streep displays while portraying such a rigid character.
     Julie And Julia- Playing renowned French cook Julia Child, Streep takes on one of the best known women in America. Known for her big voice, stature and personality everyone over the years invited Julia Child into their homes through her television cooking show. Streep exceeded all exceptions in successfully capturing the large personality, voice and zeal that Julia Child had in her life.
—– Though this list is kind of long, it took me a while to cut it down this short. And in case anyone noticed, half the films I chose were done before 1997… so you young folks out there I am begging you to branch out a bit. Try watching a movie made before you were born.
News update! – Last week I posted on this blog about David Letterman leaving late night. Though his departure date is not set, they already have his replacement, Stephen Colbert will be taking over Late Night whenever that change takes place. Though I will miss The Colbert Report, I am very excited about this!

Monsters And Goonies: Questionable Remakes

         I have been without internet for 8 days. I am surprised that my head is still on straight after this long. I am currently sitting at the Public Library hammering this out because it was bothering me so much that
 1. I don’t have internet and  2. That I am a day late getting my post up online. But I will say this, I haven’t been so productive in months… which disgusts me.
This is a week of announcements…

       A week ago when I went to the movies I saw a preview that made me audibly groan in disgust. Initially I thought it was just going to be another big monster movie, like Pacific Rim, but this is no random monster flick… it is another Godzilla. Good Lord not another Godzilla movie, seriously, let that fact sink in for a second. This will be the 29th Godzilla movie made since 1954. You did not read that wrong… 29! We are hitting television episode statues, or Land Before Time movie zone- for those of you keeping count there are 13 Land Before Time movies. I would love it if I was proved wrong and this movie actually ended up being worth while, but I doubt it.  

       Last week I made the big announcement of the 3 new J.K Rowling movies, set in the wizarding world, being set into motion. This week we have another big movie announcement: The Goonies 2 is in the works. Director of the 1980’s cult classic Richard Donner revealed to fans over the weekend that he was doing a sequel. All we know for sure is that it is not going to be a remake of the original, thank God, and that Donner hopes, and is working on, getting all the original actors to join in. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t totally blow.

       Longtime Late Night host David Letterman has sadly decided to retire from the show next year in 2015. “Late Show with David Letterman” has aired on CBS since 1993.Though he has not been scandal free throughout that long run, he has been a pillar of excellent talk show hosting during that time. For those of us who watch his show on a semi-regular basis, we know that he often doesn’t show emotion, but at the announcement of his departure from the air, the stoic Letterman got uncharacteristically emotional.  

Oh No He Didn’t! Everything That Shouldn’t Be Said Out Loud

In his directorial debut Jason Bateman (Arrested Development, Horrible Bosses) took a huge risk in starring and directing a film that is amoral, irreverent, crude and twisted- this movie is terrible, but hilariously so, i’m almost afraid to admit that I thought it was funny because of how un-politically (is that a legit word) correct it is. The first thing I have to say about this, before I get into the review is that if you are at all socially sensitive, easily offended or have a delicate sensitivity then this movie WILL offend you because the humor is off color in the extreme and crosses lines that perhaps shouldn’t be crossed.

        This film starts off strong with a breathtakingly wicked set up but becomes more sporadically funny in the middle. As is often the case with these comedies the wrap up of the film is predictably “feel good” and has a stereotypically (and very unrealistic) happy ending.

        “Bad Words” has everything you’ve ever thought about or imagined saying to another human being, but have never had the guts, or have known better than to say. Bateman makes it work by throwing himself into this role without shame or ego. Do not take the kiddos to see this movie!!

                                                           Listen Up!
Attention Harry Potter fans, listen up! J.K. Rowling’s charity novel “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” is going to be made into three mega-movies. Months ago, Rowling revealed, “Although it will be set in the worldwide community of witches and wizards where I was so happy for 17 years, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” is neither a prequel nor a sequel to the ‘Harry Potter’ series, but an extension of the wizarding world. The law and customs of the hidden magical society will be familiar to anyone who has read the ‘Harry Potter’ books or seen the films, but Newt’s story will start in New York, 70 years before the ‘Harry Potter’ stories get underway. Who’s excited?!