It’s All A Lie- They Aren’t Really Redheads

s1600_Harry-Potter I have been betrayed! You think you know someone and they stab you in the back once you find out they have been lying to you for as long as you have known them! Of course I am talking about actresses who are not real redheads! Everyone loves a redhead, especially in Hollywood. It’s a bold look that few actresses can pull off — and even fewer can claim as natural. In fact, I was surprised to find out that many iconic Hollywood redheads aren’t redheads at all. I am specifically talking about actresses and entertainers who I’ve never really seen without their red tresses.
Emma Stone-
Emma Stone rose to s1600_Emma-Stonefame with her signature red locks. I thought she bleached it blonde for her role in The Amazing Spider Man films, however in fact it was the exact opposite. Emma Stone is a natural blonde who had to die it red for her very first feature film Superbad and it stuck. In regards to dying her hair blonde for The Amazing Spider Man Stone told MTV, “I looked in the mirror and said, ‘oh my God, it’s me again! It’s been so long!”
Christina Hendricks-

s1600_Christina=HendricksThe beautiful auburn haired Christina Hendricks is best known for her role in Mad Men. However, before she came to be nationally known for her role on television she was an international model with her natural blonde hair. During her modeling career, Hendricks ditched her blonde hair for red, but her agency was none-too-pleased. “The head of my agency said ‘you look terrible, it’s so ugly, you cannot have red hair.'” According to Hendricks, she booked three modeling gigs in the time it took for the dye to wash out. She has kept the red hair ever since.

Amy Adams-
Amy Adams s1600_amy-adamsseems to play a lot of wholesome, innocent characters in her films, but that wasn’t always the case. “Everyone’s always like: ‘you’re so typecast.’ But actually, when I came out to L.A., I was always the bitchy girl,” said Adams. She blamed her natural blonde hair for those earlier roles, because once she changed it, she started nabbing better parts.
Cynthia Nixon-

s1600_Cynthia-nixon Sex and The City actress Cynthia Nixon has always appeared with red hair in the series, but not so much off-screen. “I am not a redhead, I’m a blonde.” According to Nixon, the actress went through quite a few dye jobs after the series was over to get her hair back to the right color. “Right now, this isn’t my natural blonde color. I had to dye it in order to get the red out of it.”

Debra Messing-
Will and Grace
actress Debra Messing, is s1600_Debra-Messingactually a brunette. Messing credits a dye-job gone wrong for her success in Hollywood. While working on A Wlk in the Clouds, the hair department colored her locks red instead of blonde. However, Messing liked the new look and insisted on keeping it.
Lucille Ball-


The famously silly red head was in fact not a natural red head at all. Lucille Ball was a blonde who decided her hair color needed to make more of a statement. The funny-woman took a bold step by dying her hair red (it wasn’t really all the bold at the time considering all the televisions were in black and white anyway) and has been famous for it ever since.

Alyson Hannigan-
     Hannigan s1600_Allyson-Hanniganclaims that Buffy The Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon made her go red for her role of Willow Rosenberg. “Joss had us all over to his house. Charisma Carpenter and Sarah Michelle Gellar and I all had brown hair at the time. Joss said, ‘All of your hair is kind of the same shade. Does anyone want to be red?’ I went for it and it worked for me.

Final Thoughts
– I have always envied those with red hair. Therefore, naturally, I once attempted to dye my hair red myself. Box color is the same right? It ended up looking like I had stuck my head in a can of red paint. So, my only words of wisdom is that if you are going to try red…. get it done by a professional. I had to go around looking like a scary clown until I could get it fixed.

60 Seconds Can Make or Break An Entire Movie

     Millions of dollars goes into making movies, countless man hours, actors, writers, editors, digital artists all spending their time and energy to complete one project- and yet an entire movies destiny can be decided in 60 seconds.
     If you love them, or hate them, your first impression of any movie comes from its preview. Whether you realize it or not, the vast majority of your judgments for reasons to go see a movie or to not go see it, are made during the 60 second trailer. The preview has the many jobs of explaining a movie, showing the basic plot outline, and enough dramatic or funny moments to peak your interest. The success or failure of the preview to accomplish these goals determine the probability for viewers to take a chance on any movie. And therefore the films whole destiny, whether that be triumph or defeat, in its initial release, relies on the efficacy of its preview.

     Recently when I was sitting in a theater waiting for my movie to start, I observed my fellow audience members making their judgments about upcoming movies as the previews rolled before the feature film began. All around me, I heard whispers as the trailers ended of people speaking to their friends saying things like “oh, that looks good, lets go see that when it comes out” or “that was weird, what is that movie even going to be about” or “That might be a good one, I really like the cast that they have put together.”
     Now, apart from me hardcore judging some of my audience members for wanting to go see some of the upcoming movies that I thought looked monumentally stupid, and worthless- the advertised film nonetheless had a useful enough tool in its preview to interest these viewers. A movie has one shot to make its impression, to appeal to as many people as possible at one time.  

     I am not going to pretend that I am above this. When I go out and see a movie in theaters I always make sure I am early enough to see the trailers because I love judging them and determining which movies coming out are worth while. One of my biggest assessing factors is the cast. Sometimes even if the trailer is a tad ambiguous but I like the leads, I will take the chance and see the movie on the basis that I like the actors.                          
     It truly is amazing how much stock we as viewers put into a one minute film segment. But also, how savvy we have become at interpreting that one minute. We asses the trailer with questions like “Is this the type of movie where all the funny lines are in the preview?” “Did the trailer just give away its entire story in its preview?” “Is the trailer somewhat deceptive in what it is trying to sell to me?” “Do I know what I am in for?” Even if we do not consciously realize it, we make these judgments about every single film before we spend the money to go see them, in the hopes that the trailer passed all of our assessment questions and is therefore worth spending a shit ton of money at the theaters to go see.
    Final Thoughts
Trailers are important but everyone has different criteria. What do you look for in movie previews? Is it actors that are important factors? Is the director the most important? Is the subject matter vital to your viewership?

How Did This Happen?! My 2 Big Milestones

I just had a major geek out moment for a couple reasons…
1. I have officially hit 1,000 followers on Bloglovin! How did that even happen? You guys are awesome, thank you so much!
2. Today I hit my 1 year anniversary of blogging. I never thought I would ever last this long, or have so many awesome people read/comment/ follow my blog. Blogging kicks so much ass and I am so grateful for everyone who has encouraged me in this endeavor.
     So, I know you are thinking, how has the blogging experience been for you thus far? Well, I am glad you asked that random stranger, because I am going to tell you.
     Before I had a place to write my movie reviews, and random tid-bits of movie knowledge/trivia that I am overflowing with, I opted to rant about my movie critiques and trivia facts to friends and family. Occasionally keeping them hostage until they listened to what I had to say, or made them watch a movie I thought was worth while. However, this was not a satisfying approach as I knew that, for the  most part, they didn’t give a damn about what I was telling them. I forced myself to create a blog after a friend of mine suggest I create one so that I could channel my insane movie babbling into a confined space. I’m pretty sure my friend was just trying to save herself from hearing about it anymore.

      My first time blogging was like an awkward first date since I had no idea what to expect from this blogging craziness. In going back and reading my first post, I found it to be messy and not thought out very well. Though to be honest, that is not solely exclusive to my first post. Hopefully though, the posts have gotten better the more I work at it. The thing that surprised me about blogging, were the difficulties that also came along with it.

   Everything from the title of the blog, to the “About Me” section, to the layout, font and color schemes are things I have agonized over and debated over changing 100 times. However, all of these things are trivial in comparison to the actual writing itself. To begin with, we all know how time consuming writing can be. Moreover, it becomes even more difficult because you want your writing to appeal to as many of earths residents as possible. Are you setting the right tone? Is the language too much? Is the vocabulary understandable and relatable? It is the most awesome and annoying internal struggle before publishing a post, something I never thought could be so damn obnoxious.
     This past year has been challenging. Life didn’t really turn out the way I had planned it to go. On one hand, that has been very difficult. But on the other, it has lead to some new things that I would have never considered otherwise. This blog being one of them. I don’t really know what the next year has in store. But I sure as hell know that blogging will fit in there somewhere.    

Classic Movie Wednesday: Jaws

     When I first started this blog, my intention was to talk about all things entertainment, both old and new, things worth your time. So as a test run I am going to start a new segment where, once a month, I am going to talk about older movies that are fantastic. Instead of watching that re-run episode of How I Met Your Mother or Friends (we already know that Ross and Rachel get together and that the ending of How I Met Your Mother sucks) take the time and watch something different and awesome!
     Recently I was discussing with friends the reason I do not go into the Ocean. Mainly because I watched “Jaws” when I was 7 years old and have been convinced a man eating shark is out for me ever since. During this discussion I was shocked to discover that none of my friends had ever seen the movie. They had heard of it, of course, but had never taken the time to sit down and watch it from start to finish. I then proceeded to make them watch the film, by which they were all impressed and slightly freaked out. So in this post I am going to extol the virtues for those of you out there who have never seen “Jaws.”

Spielberg clowning around on set
 – Now when I say that this film is awesome and that you should watch it, I am talking about the first one, and only the first one. There are something like 5 Jaws films that came after the original, not to mention all the shark movies that came after that tried to imitate it, don’t bother with any of those because they are all crappy and dumb. 

     The premise of this film is that it is a quiet, small, New England beach vacation town, where a police chief is faced by the horrible possibility that a deadly shark attack occurred right before the 4th of July (the biggest and most important economic day for this sleepy coastal town.) They try and pass it off as a boating accident, until more people go missing.

Yes, this is a young Spielberg

     One of the brilliant aspects of Jaws, like many films directed by Steven Spielberg, is that even though the movie was made 39 years ago, it still holds up to today’s strict movie standards. Not to say that some of the affects are not dated, because they are. But it still succeeds in its effort to freak you out. The movie is freaky, but it is not blood and guts gross. The anticipation of having to wait to see what happens causes the movie to be so frightening when in reality all that fear is just built up in your own head, waiting for the shark to appear. All that anticipation and suspense occurs throughout the entire movie, even though the audience never actually see’s the villain until the very end.
     Even though Jaws is single-handedly the reason I stick to swimming pools, it is a fantastically suspenseful ride. It is thrilling, exciting, nerve wracking, heartfelt and even funny at times. If you have never seen this film, cuddle up with a friend and give it a chance!

Genetics Kick Ass: Celebrities Who Look Better As They’ve Aged

In the movie industry, the popular theory is that your career starts to go downhill when you hit 35. Your looks are starting to go, if they haven’t already, and the newer hotter crop of A-list celebrities are on there way up, and taking the parts. Though this applies to both men and women, women tend to take the unfortunate brunt of this stereotypical decline, (unless you are a freaky exception to the rule like Meryl Streep who only gets more famous the older she gets). There might be a token crazy, but lovable, grandparent or older relative role out there for these older actors. But as far as the juicy roles are concerned, Hollywood has moved younger.
     Of course, all of those ideas are total crap! By the time the age of 40 rolls around, some of these fantastic actors are just barely starting to hit there stride. Looking better and better every day that goes by. In honor of the slightly older acting generation I wanted to pay homage to them by compiling just a few actors who look better now, (and still killing it with awesome acting) then they did when they first started.
     1. Helen Mirren — Age 69

The famous British actress has been honing her craft for several decades now. As someone who has seen her work, both older and current, I must say that I much prefer modern day Helen Mirren. No offense to young Mirren, but older Helen Mirren kicks her ass.
2.Robert Downey Jr. — Age 50
Downey Jr. is on top of the acting world once more. He is the highest paid actor in Hollywood, and was the whole reason that making the Avengers was possible. Downey Jr. is turning 50 in just a few months and is one of the sexiest men alive regardless of age.
     3. Kate Winslet — Age 39
Though I think most people would agree that Winslet is beautiful and has been for a long time. I have to argue that modern day Winselt far outshines her “Titanic” younger self.
     4. Leonardo DiCaprio — Age 40
Thinking along the Titanic vein, Leonardo DiCaprio has filled out into a far more attractive man than I would have thought possible when he was 23 years old and starring in “Titanic.” I would never have thought such a gawky looking young man would hit is stride in his later 30’s.
     5. Diane Keaton — Age 68

The always quirky Keaton has put on a master class of aging. Not only has she aged like a champ, but modern day Keaton far outshines her younger self.

  6. George Clooney — Age 53
The newly married Clooney has been a heartthrob for many years. However, as a younger man he doesn’t quite stack-up to his modern day counterpart.
     7. Nicole Kidman — Age 47
The Australian beauty has earned her title. Several decades and a couple kids later, current day Kidman puts her modeling days to shame.
     8. John Stamos — Age 51
There is not much to say about John Stamos other than the fact that several months ago I accidentally drooled when his yogurt commercial came on. 20 years younger Stamos in “Full House” has never elicited such a reaction from me.
Final Thoughts–
In this day and age we are all so obsessed with aging, reversing the clock and doing everything we can to stay young. Why? Aging is not something to be afraid of. And some well earned laugh lines look a whole hell of a lot better than skin stretched so tight that you have to cross your legs in order to blink.