4 Most Amazing Photos You Will See Today

To anyone who knows me, it will be no surprise that history is near and dear to my heart. It is far more complex, and beautifully ambiguous than most people give it credit for. However, I understand that I am in the minority in this. Most people find history dry. Though everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I have come across some beautifully edited photos that everyone should see. Seth Taras started a campaign called “Know Where you Stand.” The resulting images are very striking. Check out the 4 amazing photos below:

Zepplin crash
1. The Hindenberg Disaster of May 6, 1937


Storming the beaches
2. Allied soldiers rushing the beach at Normandy in June 1944


Berlin Wall
3. The Fall of the Berlin wall in 1989
Eiffel Tower
4. Adolf Hitler touring Paris and standing in front of the Eiffel Tower in 1940

These photos are a striking reminder not to take for granted where we stand every day.

17 thoughts on “4 Most Amazing Photos You Will See Today”

    1. I agree! For me I often get stuck in the “blah” feeling that I sometimes get with my daily routine. But looking at these reminds me that my normal trek is more meaningful than I think.

    1. I was really impressed by these photos. I found them very striking and they really touched me.

    1. Yeah, these really hit me hard. To stop taking advantage of my situation, without even thinking of the meaning if could have one day.

    1. I agree! And often times we don’t appreciate the very place we have in history too. what we do, or don’t do, can matter just as much

  1. You’re right. The most interesting photos I have seen today. I have been to the Eiffel Tower, weird to think that I have walked over Hitler’s footsteps. I have also been to a concentration camp of his design. I share your love for history (it was my minor) and these photos are so cool!

    1. It is crazy right? I find these photos so poignant and striking. But it also makes me think about how what we do today, could have just as large an affect one day. What concentration camp did you go to?

    1. I have no doubt that there is history in where you are. Plus the history that you make every day.

    1. I am glad you like them!! I found them really striking. Totally true, there is history all around us. Including the history we make everyday.

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