Ghostbusters: Fun From Top to Bottom

The Ghostbusters cast
The Ghostbusters Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon), Patty (Leslie Jones), Erin (Kristen Wiig), Abby (Melissa McCarthy) with their receptionist Kevin (Chris Hemsworth).

It is no surprise to anyone that the new, all female cast of, “Ghostbusters” has caused a great deal of talk and controversy. Before filming even began on the remake of the classic film it has been criticized by a large portion of the population, myself included. I was terrified that they were remaking one of my all time favorite films. Even though I like the four leading ladies they chose to fill the iconic roles, remakes are usually terrible. With all of this in mind, I had no intention of seeing the new film. But I was too curious, I had to know what these four funny ladies brought to the table. Continue reading Ghostbusters: Fun From Top to Bottom

The Bad Sequel Told Too Often: Think Like Man Too

       It is a tragic thing when a good film is tarnished by a crappy sequel. Though we always hope that this won’t happen, it often does. This is the case for ‘Think Like a Man Too.’ The first film ‘Think Like a Man,’ was a big box office success, pleasantly surprising viewers and critics around the country. The first film had a balanced ensemble cast with independent stories that was connected with a common thread and theme. The comedy and individual story lines were balanced, the humor was universal and the roles were independently strong. When so many things go right in the first film, it is always surprising to me that so much can go wrong in the next one.

Unfortunately, as far as reviews go, there is not much to be said about this second film that viewers have not experienced many times before with disappointing sequels. ‘Think Like A Man Too’ brought back all the original cast, but that is more or less where the good comments about the film stop. It seems that in this movie they were trying to make a hybrid of The ‘Hangover’ and ‘Bridesmaids,’ but far less effectively. This time around Kevin Hart is a much more famous comedian than he was at the time the first film came out. Because of this it feels like they rest the movie on his shoulders, making him more ridiculous and over the top than would be advisable to try and carry the movie on his own. From time to time there is a funny moment, but for the most part it is just too over the top cheesy and misses with most of the attempted humor.

World Update
     If you have been living in a box for the past couple weeks, you may not know that the world cup is going on. I know that most Americans aren’t too fond of soccer, it is slower than most sports we prefer, because a soccer game can end 0-0. However, even if you don’t like soccer, the world cup is worth checking out. It is the one time every four years that the best players in the world get together and go head to head and what results is no less than amazing.