Ghostbusters: Fun From Top to Bottom

The Ghostbusters cast
The Ghostbusters Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon), Patty (Leslie Jones), Erin (Kristen Wiig), Abby (Melissa McCarthy) with their receptionist Kevin (Chris Hemsworth).

It is no surprise to anyone that the new, all female cast of, “Ghostbusters” has caused a great deal of talk and controversy. Before filming even began on the remake of the classic film it has been criticized by a large portion of the population, myself included. I was terrified that they were remaking one of my all time favorite films. Even though I like the four leading ladies they chose to fill the iconic roles, remakes are usually terrible. With all of this in mind, I had no intention of seeing the new film. But I was too curious, I had to know what these four funny ladies brought to the table. Continue reading Ghostbusters: Fun From Top to Bottom

Who Knew There Were so Many Ways to Destroy the World?!

Apart from my followers and audience from America, my second highest is from Ukraine… who knew?! So a big shout out to all my peeps who are probably much colder than I am at this moment. I love 80 degree winters.
            In keeping up with what I have done with this blog thus far, I went to see a movie last night because I am a movie addict and see too many. So I decided to review the film on here for the benefit of anyone who cares to read it. Last night I went to see Thor: The Dark World.
            Random Thought Moment: Has anyone noticed that high action movies recently are very focused around darkness? There is this one, Thor the Dark World, when just a few months ago there was Star Trek Into Darkness. We as a society must be serious scaredy cats about the dark!
Now, before I get into the review of the actual movie itself I have somewhat of a disclaimer because it will color all of my opinions. This film is another Marvel action movie. It is high action with little substance. If you are looking for deep and meaningful then this is not the movie for you. So if you do not like these action hero movies then you won’t like this one either because it follows the same formula as the Iron Man’s, Avengers and Captain America films. Alright, with that said, here we go-
The universe is in danger of annihilation again… how does this keep happening? Thor has to save everyone, including his girlfriend, and needs his imprisoned brother, Loki’s, help to do so. Mayhem ensues and against all odds and extreme opposition, Thor saves the day. Whew! I did not see that coming, I was pretty sure that THIS time… the super hero would fail. Oh well.
Even though the above description is very sarcastic, I quite enjoyed the movie. It accomplishes its purpose to entertain its viewers. This second Thor film is quite funny, far more so than the first Thor. The mischievous younger brother Loki is an extremely likeable and funny “baddie.” Loki is easily the most fun, and my favorite, character in the movie. Plus later on in the film, the audience is beguiled with a butt naked Stellan Skarsgard (bootstrap Bill Turner from Pirates of the Caribbean).

Overall the movie is fun, fast paced, full of action and has several good twists to keep it interesting. If you like action films I would definitely recommend this movie. Side Note- as most people know, these action films have scenes after the credits but this film has two! One of the post film scenes happens part way through the credits, the other happens after all the credits have rolled. Stay for both!! Most people in my theater left after the first one, don’t be deceived.    

Did You Know…
Sylvester Stallone’s first movie was a porn called Party at Kitty and Stud’s