16 Celebrities Slay Sexist Questions

Most of us working stiffs look at celebrities lives and wish we had some aspect of their status and/or money. I have day dreamed about having some of their glamorous possessions; fancy vacations, clothes and professional makeup artists they employ that make them look flawless. As nice as it would be to have some of these things, I am often reminded how shitty it would be to have their life. Celebrities trade their private life in for their career, opening themselves up to objectification and being asked any and all personal questions reporters can think of. Both male and female actors are subject to intense, and unfair, scrutiny. Though there are a crap ton of examples of this happening, I have compiled some of the best responses to these asshole reporters and their dumb ass, sexist, questions. Continue reading 16 Celebrities Slay Sexist Questions

Not All Famous People Are Scum: Awesome Things Celebrities Have Done

     As much as I wish that this blog could mostly be movie reviews, or something along those lines, I am not Diamond-Jim-Brady (where the hell does that saying come from anyway), in fact, I am not employed. So this week I decided to, perhaps, restore a little faith in the image of celebrities. I saw recently in a news story that Amy Adams discretely gave up her first class plane ticket to a soldier on his way home from the Middle East. The only reason the news story broke was because of fellow passengers on the plane who heard Adams speaking to the Airlines worker trying to get the seat change. When I heard this story, I was very impressed and thought perhaps there were other good Samaritan celebrities out there who were doing little acts of good deeds behind the scenes. So I decided to look into it.

       I am as critical as anyone when it comes to these Millionaires. Bottom line I suppose that I am jealous of their capabilities. What they could do with that money, while instead we see them being selfish, indulgent, and indifferent. However, as is often the case, we lump all celebrities in one group, classifying them as selfish bitches because of the bad apples out there who are pretty obnoxious and terrible people *cough* Justin Bieber *cough.* But today I wanted to take the focus off of these “douche canoe” celebrities, and look at some of the good they do.

     1. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp always travels with his Captain Jack Sparrow costume to make impromptu visits to sick kids in hospitals, or children at schools abroad who have written him fan mail. Depp also often goes to Disneyland dressed up as Captain Jack, without giving notice before hand, and takes over for signature time with the kids.
                            2. Tupac
Regardless of the singers less than stellar history, Tupac was never too busy for his fans. At the height of his fame Tupac received a letter from the parents of a terminally ill boy named Joshua, saying it was Joshua’s dying wish to meet Tupac. Tupac then flew out to Maryland to meet the boy. When Joshua passed away, Tupac changed the name of his publishing company to “Joshua’s Dream.”

   3. Dave Grohl
The famous writer, singer and musician in Nirvana and Foo Fighters  Dave Grohl is said to be one of the coolest guys you could ever meet. This image of him can be verified by two Australian miners who found themselves in a terrible situation, with an awesome result. Two trapped Australian miners asked only for an iPod with Foo Fighters to be sent down to them. When Dave heard about this, he personally included a note saying “I want you to know that when you come home, there’s two tickets to any Foo’s show, anywhere, and two cold beers there waiting for you. Deal?” Apparently they took him up on that offer.
     4. Emma Watson

The brilliant and successful Watson also appears to be quite the charitable humanitarian as well. But while she is not trying to do her part to make a difference in the world, she takes the time to make a little boys day. A 5 year old boy was out in NYC treak-or-treating on Halloween dressed as Harry Potter- the outfit, wand, glasses, the whole 9 yards. It was towards the end of his candy hunt when he was approached by a young woman. She came up to him and said “excuse me, are you Harry Potter?” After he mumbled out a, yes, she said “that’s great, because I’m Hermione Granger and we’re best of friends.” and she gave him a big hug. Of course the boy didn’t really understand that this was indeed the real Herminoe Granger.

                                                  5. J.K. Rowling

Before the official release of the 4th Harry Potter book in the series, J.K. Rowling wrote the books ending a year in advance for Natalie McDonald, a little girl diagnosed with leukemia. Natalie died before she received Rowling’s email, so J.K. named a character after Natalie. That character was sorted into Gryffindor in order to commemorate such a brave little girl.
     6. John Cena
Generally I am not a fan of the WWF… wait is it called the WWE now? I don’t know, fake wrestling, lets just call it that. But this story was just too sweet to pass up. John Cena reaches a major milestone with the Make-A-Wish Foundation… 400 wishes granted!

    7. George Takei
George Takei showed up two hours early for a scheduled press conference just so that he could sign the doll of a young fan who was too sick to stick around for the scheduled time of the meet and greet.
     8. Russell Brand
Brand has been seen multiple times on the streets of LA hanging out with the homeless, taking them to breakfast, giving them new clothes, and even a ride to AA meetings that Brand himself attends.
                   9. Tom Cruise
Though I am not a fan of Cruise these days he was pretty heroic after he witnessed a hit-and-run accident. Cruise called the paramedics, stayed with the victim and followed them to the emergency room. During this process he found out that the victim was un-insured and he paid the 7,000 hospital bill himself.
     10. Zach Galifianakis

When Galifianakis was a struggling actor in Los Angeles 20 years ago, he made an unlikely friend at a laundromat. Now 87 year old Elizabeth “Mimi” Haist volunteered and lived at Fox laundry in Santa Monica living off tips from customers for 18 years. One of the customers was Zach, who after his career launching success of The Hangover, stopped going to the laundramat but continued checking on his friend Mimi. When Zack learned that Mimi had become homeless, he found her an apartment in Santa Monica and paid for her rent and utilities. Zach’s friend Renee Zelleweger helped him decorate the apartment and often brings her groceries to make sure Mimi is always fully stocked with food. Zach has taken Mimi to The Hangover 2 & 3 movie premiers, as well as the premier for his film with Will Ferrell, “The Campaign.”  

Big Budget Religious Reboot Movies- Why Now?

    Am I the only one who has noticed the seemingly unaccountable upswing in religious movies lately? If you were an outsider looking in, you would think that America is having some sort of religious renaissance like they did in the 50’s (everybody found Jesus because they were all afraid Russia would drop a nuclear bomb on us any second) but we all know that’s not true. Back in 2004 it was a big ass deal that “The Passion of the Christ” was a movie because it was a big budget, in your face, religious film. This year, several big religious movies have been released and nothing has been said about it.

     Because of this fear of getting incinerated by the Russians, a large number of “come to Jesus” movies came out and were widely popular, making a shit ton of money. It was also at this time that they taught kids to duck and cover under their desks if they heard the Nuclear Bomb siren. HA! As if hiding under your desk

will save you from getting incinerated by an Atomic bomb, sorry to burst your bubble but whoever came up with that idea was an idiot. Anyway, several of the biggest and most popular religious films featured my boy Charlton Heston in films like “The Ten Commandments” (doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out what that one is about…. Moses, the answer is Moses finding Jesus. Yay Jesus again.) Another religious movie of the time with Heston was Ben-Hur. This one is about a Jew (living in the time of Jesus, shocking plot twist!) who was royally screwed by the Romans, spends most of his life plotting revenge, gets his revenge, but then his soul finally finds peace when he encounters Jesus on the cross…. how odd and gruesome for an ending.

     But this is why I am so confused, it is not like we have some pressing threat of danger on American’s to motivate us to try and remember what day we are supposed to go to church when it isn’t Christmas or Easter. So what’s with all the soul saving cinema about? And for the most part these movies coming out
feature A-list actors, not some random obscure indie project, these are big budget movies. Now, I don’t want to make it sound like I have anything against this, I am just baffled at why this is happening right now?
Don’t believe me? Well here are those that have come out this year (and two that are coming out soon). Not only are there a butt ton of these this year. But there are a bunch of famous people in them. The hell? Someone explain this to me.
                                          Heaven is for Real                                Mary: Mother of Christ

            Noah                                   Exodus: Gods and Kings                                Son of God