12 Actors Who Look Exactly like Who they Played

It is always difficult to cast exactly the right actors for any character in a movie. This gets even more complicated when a movie centers around the lives of real people in history- as the actors physical resemblance to the actual person matters. Along with a natural physical likeness an actor must have to their subject, the movie magic of hair and makeup play a big role in creating the identical image. I have compiled a list of several of my favorite actor/subject twins: Continue reading 12 Actors Who Look Exactly like Who they Played

Genetics Kick Ass: Celebrities Who Look Better As They’ve Aged

In the movie industry, the popular theory is that your career starts to go downhill when you hit 35. Your looks are starting to go, if they haven’t already, and the newer hotter crop of A-list celebrities are on there way up, and taking the parts. Though this applies to both men and women, women tend to take the unfortunate brunt of this stereotypical decline, (unless you are a freaky exception to the rule like Meryl Streep who only gets more famous the older she gets). There might be a token crazy, but lovable, grandparent or older relative role out there for these older actors. But as far as the juicy roles are concerned, Hollywood has moved younger.
     Of course, all of those ideas are total crap! By the time the age of 40 rolls around, some of these fantastic actors are just barely starting to hit there stride. Looking better and better every day that goes by. In honor of the slightly older acting generation I wanted to pay homage to them by compiling just a few actors who look better now, (and still killing it with awesome acting) then they did when they first started.
     1. Helen Mirren — Age 69

The famous British actress has been honing her craft for several decades now. As someone who has seen her work, both older and current, I must say that I much prefer modern day Helen Mirren. No offense to young Mirren, but older Helen Mirren kicks her ass.
2.Robert Downey Jr. — Age 50
Downey Jr. is on top of the acting world once more. He is the highest paid actor in Hollywood, and was the whole reason that making the Avengers was possible. Downey Jr. is turning 50 in just a few months and is one of the sexiest men alive regardless of age.
     3. Kate Winslet — Age 39
Though I think most people would agree that Winslet is beautiful and has been for a long time. I have to argue that modern day Winselt far outshines her “Titanic” younger self.
     4. Leonardo DiCaprio — Age 40
Thinking along the Titanic vein, Leonardo DiCaprio has filled out into a far more attractive man than I would have thought possible when he was 23 years old and starring in “Titanic.” I would never have thought such a gawky looking young man would hit is stride in his later 30’s.
     5. Diane Keaton — Age 68

The always quirky Keaton has put on a master class of aging. Not only has she aged like a champ, but modern day Keaton far outshines her younger self.

  6. George Clooney — Age 53
The newly married Clooney has been a heartthrob for many years. However, as a younger man he doesn’t quite stack-up to his modern day counterpart.
     7. Nicole Kidman — Age 47
The Australian beauty has earned her title. Several decades and a couple kids later, current day Kidman puts her modeling days to shame.
     8. John Stamos — Age 51
There is not much to say about John Stamos other than the fact that several months ago I accidentally drooled when his yogurt commercial came on. 20 years younger Stamos in “Full House” has never elicited such a reaction from me.
Final Thoughts–
In this day and age we are all so obsessed with aging, reversing the clock and doing everything we can to stay young. Why? Aging is not something to be afraid of. And some well earned laugh lines look a whole hell of a lot better than skin stretched so tight that you have to cross your legs in order to blink.

You’re Only Given One Little Spark of Madness. You Mustn’t Lose It: My Memory of Robin Williams

     For this weeks post I had planned on going to see the new film “The Hundred Foot Journey” with Helen Mirren and doing a review of that movie. Though it appeared to be a completely predictable “feel good” flick, I like movies like that. Sometimes that is just what the doctor ordered to end a tough week on a high note. However, apparently movie theaters in Arizona hate the French and French food because there was only a small hand full showing the movie and all the showtimes were over. Lame! Get it together Arizona!
     So, since my plan was thwarted by my desert rat friends, instead I had planned on writing a silly, comical post. I had it all typed out, until I heard the news. Once the headline broke, I couldn’t bring myself to post a stupid and ridiculous blog for this week.
     The news broke that one of the worlds most beloved comedians, Robin Williams, died from apparent suicide. My heart broke when I heard this news. I am not going to pretend I had any type of real encounter with this man to recount, but in some ways we allow actors, musicians ect. to be apart of our lives everyday, to influence and change us. They mean something to us. We laugh, cry and are jubilant with them, they share a part in our daily activities.
     When I was a 7th grader in middle school, I was often teased and bullied by the popular girls in my class (I do not tell you this to get sympathy, but it is an unfortunate thing that happens sometimes). It was an extremely difficult time and I often came home from school feeling sad and lonely. Back then, I had a tiny tv, with its screen about the size of an average book cover. On these tough days I would pop in my “Mrs. Doubtfire” VHS tape and let it run on a loop in the background as I went about my chores. Without fail this always worked in cheering me up. It was comforting, funny, heartwarming and a little sad but with a hopeful ending. During this time Robin Williams was literally a saving grace for a sad 12-year-old girl. We have truly lost one of the all time great comedians, as well as a damn good man. I know though, that somewhere angels are busting a gut listening to him do his impressions.