4 Most Amazing Photos You Will See Today

To anyone who knows me, it will be no surprise that history is near and dear to my heart. It is far more complex, and beautifully ambiguous than most people give it credit for. However, I understand that I am in the minority in this. Most people find history dry. Though everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I have come across some beautifully edited photos that everyone should see. Seth Taras┬ástarted a campaign called “Know Where you Stand.” The resulting images are very striking. Check out the 4 amazing photos below: Continue reading 4 Most Amazing Photos You Will See Today

Historical Giants with Shocking Tattoos

history-tattooMost of the time on this blog I write about current movies, celebrities or sporting events. However, a lesser known thing about me is that I love history. Some historical figures in American history have been lauded so much that they have become more and more of mythical figures with every re-telling and history book reference. However, these people are far more down to earth then we tend to think. I have compiled a list of historical giants and their surprising tattoos. Continue reading Historical Giants with Shocking Tattoos