Ghostbusters: Fun From Top to Bottom

The Ghostbusters cast
The Ghostbusters Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon), Patty (Leslie Jones), Erin (Kristen Wiig), Abby (Melissa McCarthy) with their receptionist Kevin (Chris Hemsworth).

It is no surprise to anyone that the new, all female cast of, “Ghostbusters” has caused a great deal of talk and controversy. Before filming even began on the remake of the classic film it has been criticized by a large portion of the population, myself included. I was terrified that they were remaking one of my all time favorite films. Even though I like the four leading ladies they chose to fill the iconic roles, remakes are usually terrible. With all of this in mind, I had no intention of seeing the new film. But I was too curious, I had to know what these four funny ladies brought to the table. Continue reading Ghostbusters: Fun From Top to Bottom

16 Celebrities Slay Sexist Questions

Most of us working stiffs look at celebrities lives and wish we had some aspect of their status and/or money. I have day dreamed about having some of their glamorous possessions; fancy vacations, clothes and professional makeup artists they employ that make them look flawless. As nice as it would be to have some of these things, I am often reminded how shitty it would be to have their life. Celebrities trade their private life in for their career, opening themselves up to objectification and being asked any and all personal questions reporters can think of. Both male and female actors are subject to intense, and unfair, scrutiny. Though there are a crap ton of examples of this happening, I have compiled some of the best responses to these asshole reporters and their dumb ass, sexist, questions. Continue reading 16 Celebrities Slay Sexist Questions

Tammy- Probably What You Expected

During the summer months three types of movies are released.
1. The high budget, loud noise, action film
2. The ridiculous comedy
3. Kids movies– (To help the number of parents committed to insane asylums during the summer go down)
For the most part, these are usually the big ticket movies that are released during the summer time. The film ‘Tammy,’ with the currently highly popular Melissa McCarthy, is no exception.
     Tonight I went and saw ‘Tammy’ with a friend, because what better way to celebrate America’s independence day then by sitting in a dark theater and doing nothing patriotic? (That’s about as American as it gets)
     This movie is about a woman, Tammy (Melissa McCarthy), who is down on her luck, has had a bunch of crappy things happen to her and decides to take a road trip with her grandmother (Susan Sarandon).

Now, a film like ‘Tammy’ is not a great piece of cinematic history, it isn’t deep and meaningful and it is fairly predictable- but none of that is the point for a movie like this. The critics are absolutely going to pan this movie because it lacks deep elements or much plot evolution, but anyone who is surprised by that fact going into this flick, should not be old enough to see a movie like this anyway.
     I was expecting to see a silly, over the top comedy, going into the theater to watch this movie and I enjoyed it. It’s funny. This movie is a better road trip film than McCarthy’s previous one with Jason Bateman ‘Identity Thief’ and ‘Tammy’ is less crude and more redeeming than her most recent film ‘The Heat’ with Sandra Bullock.

     This film is carried, not by the writing, but by the brilliance of McCarthy. McCarthy is such a force of nature that she not only saves this movie, but makes it feel genuine. She’s never not worth watching. It’s light, it’s silly and it’s a decent ridiculous comedy summer flick.
Final Thoughts
     I think, if you are old enough, this movie is worth seeing- it’ll give you a laugh or two but wait for a matinee or until it hits the cheap theaters.