Murder, Anarchy and History; The Discarded Entertainment

So far in this blog I have written about every form of entertainment except one. Movies, music, sports and television have been covered, but I have yet to discuss any books. Yes people, actual books are still in existence. Even though less and less people are reading books these days, it is still one of my favorite forms of entertainment. I know that at this point most people are going to stop reading this, because yes, reading takes actual time and effort, but it is well worth it because a great book can inflame the imagination and scare, enchant, sadden or liven its reader in a way that a movie never seems to be able to do.
In this post I am going to discuss two books that I have read recently. These two books were so captivating
that I read them in record time and I honestly believe that they could win over the most wary critic.

The Historian
The title of this book is deceiving, I promise! Although The Historian is somewhat lengthy it is well worth the read, the author had me hooked within the very first chapter. The Historian is about Dracula, but not in the same way that Bram Stokers “Dracula” is (which is boring), nor is it a stupid teenage love story where the vampires are shiny. The Historian is set in late 1970’s and follows the story of a professor and his daughter as very bad things, and death, begin happening to them, and around them, as they start to research the folklore legend of Dracula. This book is not technically in the “Horror” genre but it is super eerie and creepy in the best possible way! I am not going to lie, when I first started reading this book, I got so freaked out by it that I ended up sitting in the middle of the living room with all the lights turned on. The point of all of this preamble is- read this book! It is so well written, highly addictive, entertaining as hell and creepy!

The Devil in the White City
 I am going to start out by saying that this book can be found in the Non-Fiction section. After I read it, that
fact was pretty damn disturbing. There are two parallel stories going on simultaneously during this book. The first is the real story of America in 1893, after the Eiffel tower was built to be shown off at France’s world fair. America decided to try and out shine France, and announced their intention to do so, to the French people and the world. What they came up with was definitely different. — Every other chapter tells the different, (true) story of a man, Dr. H. H. Holmes, who moved to Chicago during this exact time of the planning for the world fair. During the mayhem and stress of planning something that could show off America to the world, Holmes flew under the radar. This serial killer lured many victims to their deaths with an elaborate ruse, becoming more infamous than Jack the Ripper. The book is so well written that I had no idea it was non-fiction. If you don’t want to read the chapters about the planning of the world fair, just skip them, its every other that deals with the, apparently true, murder stories. But if you are up for it, the juxtaposition of the two stories is really well set up.

Did You Know?!
Before he broke up fights on a daytime talk show, Jerry Springer was the mayor of Cincinnati. 

Drug Addict to Iron Man: Top 10 Comeback Performances

This has been the first week in quite some time that there has been no new release movie that I have wanted to see. Although this is good for my personal funds, especially considering that I am broke, it bums me out because I am somewhat of a movie junkie.
                                         Top 10 Comeback (Career Saving) Performances

No one loves you when you are down and out, but everyone enjoys a good comeback. In this list I have chosen actors whose careers had stalled for one reason or another but who managed to win back all the audience love with one standout performance. (This is just my OPINION, I am sure there are many others out there who could be, and should be, considered but this is who I came up with.)
10. Alec Baldwin
“30 Rock” (2006-2013)
     – Baldwin’s career peaked with 1990’s “The Hunt for Red October.” Sure, he continued working but he
fell out of favor with fans thanks to a certain threatening voicemail he left for his daughter. And he lost his definable screen identity. Tina Fey and “30 Rock” changed all of that. His character in the show managed to be both manipulative and caring, being slick without being oily. For this character Baldwin received 2 Emmy’s, audience goodwill and a reinvigorated career.
9. David Caruso
 “CSI Miami” (2002-2012)
     – Caruso got red hot overnight from “NYPD Blue” but got ice cold even faster when he walked away
from the hit series. No one expected much, when years later, he was cast as the star of “CSI Miami”. To be truthful I am not sure why he was so successful on this show, delivering half baked lines while putting on his sunglasses mid sentence, but it seemed to worked for audiences.

8. Jason Bateman
“Arrested Development” (2003-2006)
     -Teen idol Jason Bateman drifted from job to job after “The Hogan Family” was cancelled. When he suddenly popped up as the star of the comedy show “Arrested Development”. Bateman was able to show off his incredible comic chops as the straight man in a family of very diverse personalities. His resurgence continued with hit movies like “Horrible Bosses” and “Identity Thief.”
7.  Kiefer Sutherland
“24” (2001-2010)
     – His panache for hell raising earned unwelcome headlines and sent Sutherland’s career into a nose dive in the late 90’s. By the time he showed up on the Fox series “24” he demonstrated an impressive range and skill. More importantly he brought a commanding presence to the part of Jack Bauer that brought in record breaking television ratings.
6. Neil Patrick Harris
“How I Met Your Mother” (2005-2014)
     – After the teen doctor sitcom “Doogie Howser, M.D.” the talented Neil Patrick Harris couldn’t find a proper vehicle. But it is “How I Met Your Mother’s” Barney Stinson that made Harris hot again. From the first day he “suited up” Harris took over the sitcom and his self centered, sex driven Barney became legen (I hope you’re not lactose intolerant) dairy.  
5. Ben Affleck
“The Town” (2010)
     – The horrific movie “Gigli” dealt Affleck’s career a near fatal blow. It
didn’t help that the stars simultaneous affair with Jennifer Lopez had turned him into a tabloid laughing stock. It took 7 years and lots of hard work, but Affleck’s great performance in “The Town,” which he also directed, made audiences take notice again.
4. Mickey Rourke
“The Wrestler” (2008)
     – His reputation as a picky pain in the ass, combined with his laughable film choices sent Mickey Rourke’s career down the tubes. After spending years without being seen in a movie, Rourke finally got his second wind with his knockout performance in “The Wrestler.” He seemed almost to be living the part rather than acting it, as the movie’s story closely followed his own real life experiences. For this film he got an Oscar nomination and a career resurgence.
3. Marlon Brando
“The Godfather” (1972)
     – A gigantic ego and a lengthy number of flops made this legend a “has been” by the 70’s. Luckily the director of the “Godfather” insisted on Brando as his star and the result was one of the most iconic performances in film history. Brando dominates the film even when he is off the screen.

2. John Travolta
“Pulp Fiction” (1994)
     – “Saturday Night Fever” and “Grease” made Travolta a box office king but films such as “Moment By Moment” and “Staying Alive” made him a joke.But his revelatory performance in “Pulp Fiction” turned that reputation around. Darkly comic and shifting sublimely from subtle to over the top at the drop of a hat. Travolta’s comeback performance led to a series of incredible hits.

1. Robert Downey Jr.
“Iron Man” “Tropic Thunder” (2008)
     –  High profile arrests and drug problems derailed Downey’s promising career early. He was even bounced from his acclaimed role on “Ally McBeal.” But Downey got his act together and the one-two punch of “Iron Man” and “Tropic Thunder” put him back on top. He anchored the smash superhero flick with a galvanizing performance and showed true Oscar nominated comic brilliance in “Tropic Thunder.” He’s been everywhere ever since.
I wouldn’t recommend his method to anyone else, but it seemed to work for him. New career and family?! Bravo Mr. Downey Jr.

Who Knew There Were so Many Ways to Destroy the World?!

Apart from my followers and audience from America, my second highest is from Ukraine… who knew?! So a big shout out to all my peeps who are probably much colder than I am at this moment. I love 80 degree winters.
            In keeping up with what I have done with this blog thus far, I went to see a movie last night because I am a movie addict and see too many. So I decided to review the film on here for the benefit of anyone who cares to read it. Last night I went to see Thor: The Dark World.
            Random Thought Moment: Has anyone noticed that high action movies recently are very focused around darkness? There is this one, Thor the Dark World, when just a few months ago there was Star Trek Into Darkness. We as a society must be serious scaredy cats about the dark!
Now, before I get into the review of the actual movie itself I have somewhat of a disclaimer because it will color all of my opinions. This film is another Marvel action movie. It is high action with little substance. If you are looking for deep and meaningful then this is not the movie for you. So if you do not like these action hero movies then you won’t like this one either because it follows the same formula as the Iron Man’s, Avengers and Captain America films. Alright, with that said, here we go-
The universe is in danger of annihilation again… how does this keep happening? Thor has to save everyone, including his girlfriend, and needs his imprisoned brother, Loki’s, help to do so. Mayhem ensues and against all odds and extreme opposition, Thor saves the day. Whew! I did not see that coming, I was pretty sure that THIS time… the super hero would fail. Oh well.
Even though the above description is very sarcastic, I quite enjoyed the movie. It accomplishes its purpose to entertain its viewers. This second Thor film is quite funny, far more so than the first Thor. The mischievous younger brother Loki is an extremely likeable and funny “baddie.” Loki is easily the most fun, and my favorite, character in the movie. Plus later on in the film, the audience is beguiled with a butt naked Stellan Skarsgard (bootstrap Bill Turner from Pirates of the Caribbean).

Overall the movie is fun, fast paced, full of action and has several good twists to keep it interesting. If you like action films I would definitely recommend this movie. Side Note- as most people know, these action films have scenes after the credits but this film has two! One of the post film scenes happens part way through the credits, the other happens after all the credits have rolled. Stay for both!! Most people in my theater left after the first one, don’t be deceived.    

Did You Know…
Sylvester Stallone’s first movie was a porn called Party at Kitty and Stud’s

It’s Hard Work Being Witty

Why is thinking up a title for a blog post the hardest part of writing one of these things? Trying to convince people that I am clever, pithy, relatable or original in a blog title is taking too much brain power today.
So, a few days ago I wrote a movie review for 12 Years a Slave, if you haven’t checked it out yet you should. If you are technologically un-inclined (like my mom), all you have to do is click on the bold title of the movie typed above, and it will take you to the review. Anyway, for the past week or so a friend of mine has been badgering me to review Katy Perry’s new album “Prism” on my blog. I am going to give into her and do it, though I do not think she will necessarily like what I have to say.
I had to be considerably talked into listening to this album in its entirety for several reasons. One of my bigger motivations for staying away was that I was positive that if I heard “Roar” one more time I would go Vincent Van Gogh on myself (that is cutting off my own ear for you young ones in the audience). This is not because I did not originally like the song, but because in the past month or so I have heard it so many times that it has a bad effect on me (mainly just violently changing the radio station). Well, in the end I listened to the album and I thought it was good. I didn’t think it was amazing, but it was good. “Prism” is a solid hip hop album with decent lyrics and good music. It is a very safe album, something Katy Perry can produce in her sleep, and all themes she presents on this album, we’ve heard from her before. But I thought it was good. It is easy listening and will make any hip hop fan happy.     
Notable Sports:
Since this is an entertainment blog it covers sports as well so my readers will see this section from time to time. The goal is just to quickly point out big upsets or surprises that has happened in the sports world.
– As I am sure most people have heard by now, the football player Richie Incognito who plays for the Miami Dolphins as been suspended indefinitely for being a racist bully. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
– On a happier and much lighter note, I wanted to shed some light on a very classy thing that happened this week when everyone was so focused on the bad. The newly crowned world series champions, the Boston Red Sox took out a full page ad in the St. Louis’ paper yesterday to acknowledge their respect for the defeated foe. This is some of what the ad said — “Thank you St. Louis for the warm welcome you extended to our team and our fans during this year’s hard- fought world series, it is truly appreciated. Your region, its people, and the entire Cardinals organization represent everything that’s great about baseball.”
I love to see stuff like this because it so rarely happens, way to keep it classy Boston and St. Louis!  
Did You Know?
Alright, before I actually write out the “Did you know” section for this week I just want to make something very clear. Recently a friend of mine asked me if the things I write about in this section are true. The answer to this is, yes. Everything that I post in this section is completely true, I am not making this up. That is why I love doing this section, and why I do it at all. Because it is random and cool!
15-year-old Nolan Gould (the boy who plays the dumb brother “Luke” on Modern Family) is a member of  the high IQ society called “Mensa.” What does this mean? This means that this 15 year old, who plays such a good idiot on T.V, is a genius. Far more intelligent than you or I could ever hope to be.

Not For the Faint of Heart

12 Years A Slave:

I just returned home from seeing this movie and I am still somewhat in shock from it. This film is possibly one of the more incredibly well done movies that I have seen in recent memory. (While I am writing this I turned on Anchorman in the background to try and lift my spirits a bit. This was one heavy movie!)
I would never say that I enjoyed this movie, because it is not meant to be an enjoyable experience, but it is fantastic (does that make sense?) Though I do find it somewhat ironic that most (not all, don’t get your panties in a bunch and tell me i’m wrong) of the main characters in this movie are British, even the man playing the lead role whose sold into slavery.
This movie is based on the true story of an educated black man from New York who was kidnapped and sold into slavery in the south, held captive for 12 years (hence the title). The movie doesn’t pull any punches, starting out with dramatic scenes of his enslavement, then rewinding to show how he was kidnapped and sold.

I do not want to give away too much of the story line so as to not ruin it for those who are going to go see it (which I think every mature adult should) but I will say that anyone who see’s this movie should not eat Taco Bell directly before going in because the “food” probably wouldn’t stay down long. This film does not sugar coat the situation of slaves. And when I say that, I am not being dramatic, or emphatic enough. In most other films that deals with slavery, the brutal side is usually not actually shown. The viewer probably hears the scream and see’s the whip, but never more than that. In this movie, they get up close and personal, showing gruesome, degrading and horrifying realities that this man, and many others, faced. The ick factor isn’t over the top like Django (a somewhat similar movie that comes to mind) this films situational gore feels more real, making it that much more sickening. There was more than one time when watching this movie when I legitimately felt nauseous, a feat not easily done. I did not cry, it was more than that.

I do not mean to scare anyone away from seeing this film, in fact I would encourage people to spend the time, it is well worth it. But it is far too much for children or teens. The material is too heavy for kids of that age. I would recommend this movie without hesitation.

Horror Movie Cliches: Blood, Guts and Sluts; Not So Scary Anymore

Horror Movie Cliches: Halloween Edition-

I am going to go through and list off the top 10 horror movie cliches to pay homage to one of my favorite holidays (with plenty of snark and sarcasm mixed in of course.)

10. Nudity and Sex Always Equals Death-
     Horror films always have people, specifically young adults, getting it on. As a result most horror flicks push the parent approved message of abstinence. Don’t believe me? Then why does the films blond “whore” get axed early in the film, and the prudish but keen minded brunette always survive?

9. For some reason the black character always dies-
If you think promiscuous blonde’s have it bad, then catch up on your horror films because the non-white character (yes there is usually only one non-white person) is even more likely to meet their bloody end before the credits roll.

8. Hiding From Death-
    Now that we have discussed the cliches as to who will die first, lets take a look at how they die. Namely cornering themselves by trying to hide like children specifically under the bed, in the closet or by running up the stairs. We get it, they’re scared. But a game of hide and seek is not likely to tire out un-dead killers, or vicious space aliens now is it? What they should really do is get the hell out. There seems to be only one way out of these brilliant hiding places, and that is in a body bag.

7. Two Left Feet-
Sometimes the victims do decide to run, assuming they can escape their hiding place, more power to them. However, problem is that this brings up another horror movie cliche. It seems that no movie character is capable of running more than a dozen feet without face-planting. Equally cliche is the fact that this sprint does not give the victim any distance over the attacker who is almost always walking.

6. Knives Only-
     Is there no 5th amendment in the United States of the horror movie world, save for zombie films? Granted it is called the slasher genre for a reason,  this means that it is not likely for anyone to be taken down by lead. Leaving steal as the leading cause of injury. Why doesn’t anyone ever own a gun? A notable exception to this cliche is the Police, but having a gun never seems to do them much good anyway.

5. Useless Authorities-    
Carrying on that thought from the last entry, this cliche has been established for so long that we don’t even ask ourselves why people don’t run to the police anymore. We expect that anyone with a badge might as well have a target on their back, as the killer usually likes to take them out in a specifically gruesome way.

4. False Scares-
Everyone knows that the first half-hour or so of a horror movie is all build up and it’s too early for anyone to croak… with the possible exception of the opening ten minutes. To keep up the tension, fake scares are sprinkled in to keep us guessing, as well as, to use near the end to keep the audience paying attention. Just think of all the times the characters “happen” to run into each other at the beginning of the film and that sharp screeching sound kicks you in the ass.

3. Middle of Nowhere-  
     The only horror films to take place in open environments, or at the mall, have zombies. The reason for isolated, and creepy, locations is simple. It cuts the victims off from society and takes the characters, as well as the viewers, outside of their comfort zones. These abandoned settings are a character in and of themselves.

2. Let’s Split Up-  
     If there is one thing we wouldn’t do if we were being stalked by a blade carrying psychopath, it would be
to split up. Why make it easier to be picked off one by one?

1. Why Won’t He Die?
     All horror villains have to come back again after being killed, for an en cour. Moreover, they always somehow survive, leaving the door open for a sequel.

Well, there ya have it, the top 10. The “research” for this post was way too much fun, but I have definitely hit my Horror movie watching quota for a while.

Someone Famous Did Something Stupid…Again

Since I already did a full blog post earlier this week with my review of the film “5th Estate” this post is going to be a little different than my usual weekly update. Instead of reviewing anything (because I didn’t have the time…. or was actually too lazy) I am going to catch you up on a few things that you probably missed recently.

People Are Stupid (and it is entertaining) 
  •      CeeLo Green has been arrested and charged with a felony for having Ecstasy and “sharing” it with a woman he was on a date with. 

                    – He is pleading not guilty… good luck with that.

  • Recently when asked if he’d visited the Parthenon during his recent trip to Greece, Shaquille O’Neal replied: “I can’t really remember the names of the clubs that we went to.”

                 – I can’t even think of a snarky enough response to this. He’s obviously been hit in the head with several basketballs.

Did You Know
        – Jackie Chan has just revealed that his father was a  professional spy for communist China. 
  -Tim Allen was arrested in 1978 for possession of 1.4 pounds of cocaine and was sent to jail for 2 years.

Are the British Allergic to Sun?

Last week I recommended the film “5th Estate” as having the potential of being a quality film to see. Therefore as a dutiful and responsible blogger I decided to go see the movie so that I could report on what I actually thought of my recommendation.
Recommended Movie: 

     5th Estate-
If you have looked up any reviews or articles about this film so far, you will see that the movie has not received good ratings by those that have seen it. After having watched the film myself, there is an easy explanation for the bad reviews: The movie does not correctly represent itself in its previews. This statement sounds a lot more drastic than it actually is meant to. The movie presents itself in the trailer as a thrilling and suspenseful drama. This movie is not really any of those things, The Fifth estate is more of a docudrama (television or movies that features re-enactments of actual events) more than anything. The film is not fast paced or thrilling, rather, it is fairly slow moving and event based.
The film follows Julian Assange’s (Albino Bob) actual movements and actions during the three year period of WikiLeaks therefore not really allowing for the traditional Hollywood action that we, as Americans, are used to. In fact, there is no action whatsoever in this film.
So, I told you some of the drawbacks – a fairly slow moving movie, not thrilling or suspenseful. With those in mind, I am going to point out the Pro’s to the film.
This movie is incredibly well portrayed by each and every actor. There is not an unconvincing line or cheesy moment in the entire thing. The acting was stellar!
The imagery in the film is very cool. Because the internet is a major element in this movie, they give it a physical location, displaying the cyberspace as a large office.  
The storyline itself is very interesting. Since I was an adult when WikiLeaks hit every news station, I remember it very well (it wasn’t that long ago). Even though I remember the huge impact it had on our society, I never knew its origins or purpose, simply believing that Assange was a dangerous person as portrayed by the news. The film shows so much more depth, and complexity to his character, his program and the goals of the website. The movie allows each and every viewer to make up their own opinion of Assange, villain or visionary, the movie makes every viewer form their own judgments regarding Assange’s affect on history.
   (So What?)
So what does all of this mean? It means that this movie is interesting, not thrilling. So if you are in the mood for a film with high action that is full of suspense, then this is not the movie for you. I don’t think it is as bad as most people are reviewing it, it just isn’t what most people expected. So if I were you I would probably wait to see it until it hit the dollar theater or came out on Redbox because it is worth a view, just not at full price.

I give the 5th Estate

(What The?!)
And I am sorry but I have to say this, I know a lot of people are fans of Benedict Cumberbatch all of a sudden, and I can understand why because he is a very talented actor, but who in the world decided to make a pasty British man with ZERO skin pigment the main character of a movie with white hair? If you are going to give him white hair to look like the real guy, at least put some blush on his cheeks or something, he looks dead most of the time.
                                                                         Did You Know?
Woody Harrelson’s father was a professional hitman, who was arrested and given a life sentence for killing a federal judge.

Woody Harrelson (Hunger Games, ZombieLand)

Death, Shame and Albino’s

In this weeks installment of “Your Average Joe” I am going to talk about the television show “Castle”, the upcoming movie “5th Estate” and Miley Cyrus’ new-ish album “Bangerz”

     I have been a dedicated viewer of this television series since its first season as I am a big fan of Nathan Fillion. From Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Serenity and especially as Captain Hammer in Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog I have admired his versatile ability but also his inherent humor and silliness that I relate to. To my great joy therefore I was not disappointed when initially watching Castle. However, as the show has gone on I see a looming problem that has already begun to manifest itself. The show has no where else to go and therefore they are repeating themselves. With this season they attempted to add diversity by sending the love interest and main character, Kate Beckett, to Washington D.C. to be a federal agent. This lasted for three episodes because it isn’t like she can leave the show, or be gone from any of the episodes as she is the foil to the character of Castle.
       (SO WHAT?)
 — With all this in mind my assessment is that I am still entertained by this show, but my interest is starting to fall as the show is becoming predictable and repetitive. 

Bangerz– Miley Cyrus has been on the news and entertainment shows quit a bit recently because of her performance at the VMA’S but that is not what I am going to talk about. I could care less that she danced the way she did. I am no Miley fan, I was too old when she made her debut on the Disney channel resulting in having never (willingly) listened to her teen-bopper music, and liking it even less when I did hear it. To my great surprise I really liked the few songs from Bangerz I heard on the radio. I decided to give the album a chance and listened to the songs with an open mind. Though it makes me nauseous to admit, I really liked it and even purchased the entire thing from iTunes. The album has a variety of quality beats and addictive rhythms with story-esque lyrics that are more mature sounding than I would have ever expected from her.
     (SO WHAT?)
— This album is worth at least one listen (with an open mind) because of its universally understandable and relatable songs with beats that’ll stick in your head. 
5th Estate- The movie 5th Estate comes out this Friday (October 18). This movie is my pick of the week for a must see. The casting of the movie is chocked full of quality actors such as Benedict Cumberbatch (the new phenomena in America from Sherlock and Star Trek into Darkness) Stanley Tucci (Devil Wears Prada) and Laura Linney (Hyde Park on Hudson) to name only a few. This movie is based on Julian Assange, the Albino looking guy who is the founder of WikiLeaks and is now a refugee from the American Government. Assange has been quite vocal (from China) about his anger about this movie. He wrote to the man playing him, Benedict, to tell him essentially that his movie is going to suck. Assange also wrote two general press releases and did an hour long interview via Skype with entertainment journalists to try and dissuade people from seeing this movie. Why is this guy so desperate to not have his story told of his life during this time? Of course it is a movie so it isn’t going to be 100% accurate but it is based on true events off of a book that was written by the man that was with Assange for 3 years during this time. Assange’s extreme aversion to this movie is very intriguing.
     (SO WHAT?) 
Though I have not yet seen the film, all the actors are top notch and the true events it is based off of are little known and very interesting/ relevant to the world we live in. This movie is my pick of the week because I think it is really going to be quality, intense, thrilling and fun.
All right, i’m adding this new section to all of my posts –
                                                            DID YOU KNOW … ?
———Did you know that Tom Hanks is the third cousin to President Abraham Lincoln?!————-
If you read this blog and disagree with any of my opinions, feel free to write a comment!

Not A Critic, Just an Average Joe

As the title points out, I am not professional critic, hell, I am not known in the entertainment world whatsoever. I am just a person who loves to be entertained, therefore I love my media of all sorts, i’m not prejudiced or age-ist (is that a word?), old or new, if it is entertaining and worth wasting time on then I am up for it! Music, sports, movies, websites – I love it all and spend way too much time going through these various mediums finding the best and most worthwhile things to share. I used to do this with just my friends and family, but they enjoyed it so much, I figured it would be fun to broaden my scope and hopefully introduce a greater number of people to new things they have perhaps not have seen before.
My plan for this blog is to post my reviews and opinions of current entertainment going on in America, though I may pull out a moldy oldie to share if I think it is really worth while. As I said in the beginning, I am not a professional critic, therefore if you are expecting deep analysis with a Freudian twist on anything I have reviewed, you have come to the wrong blog. I’ll let you know things I think are worth your while, may give you a laugh, or should be avoided as a waste of time and why. I know that I always appreciate when people do that for me and give me good reasons.
Although I have plans for this blog, I do want it to be an interactive experience so go ahead and leave me comments and suggestions about things you’d like me to review and look over and I will make sure I cover it in the next week. To ensure that ya’ll don’t have to try and guess when a new entry will be posted, a new one will go up every Thursday, I think I’ll call them “Thrilling Thursday’s”…. I know, I am a straight up freaking nerd.