10 Times Actors Have Been Seriously Injured on Set

I get easily obsessed. Though I have not posted in a long time, I have not given up on my crazy, media mania, quirks. A recent example of this is that I have watched the same film every day this week. Yes, I am that level of media crazed. While viewing films over and over again, something that often crosses my mind is “they have to sometimes get hurt doing this crazy shit.” On a whim I looked up instances of actors getting hurt during filming. I have compiled a few times the show really did have to go on.

1. The Wizard of Oz (1939)
Fire caused several serious injuries on the set of the classic film “The Wizard of Oz.” The actress who played the Wicked Witch of the West, Margaret Hamilton, and her stunt double were both seriously burned on set. In a scene where the Wicked Witch of the West was skywriting with her pyrotechnic broom, Margaret Hamilton’s stunt double badly burned her legs, landing her in the hospital for several weeks. Hamilton herself had over a months stay in the hospital after being burned on the hands and face after flames were triggered to soon. Continue reading 10 Times Actors Have Been Seriously Injured on Set

A Flying Umbrella? Yes Please, I’ll Take Ten

My sincerest of apologies to you, my dear angel faces (those crazy enough to actually read this blog) for my sub-par post on Christmas day. This week has been tragic as well as glorious at the same time and has kept me very busy. But, never fear, this post will not be crappy, I promise(-ish)! On Christmas day, my family and I went to go see Saving Mr. Banks. From the trailers I’d seen of this movie I assumed the film would be about how Walt Disney convinced Pamela Travers (the author of Mary Poppins) to sign over the rights of her book to him to make a movie, and the difficulties she presented in signing over the rights. Although this is partly true, it is so much more meaningful and better than just that.

Saving Mr. Banks: –
This movie tells two stories simultaneously about events that occurred in Pamela Travers’ life. The first, as is shown in the movie trailers, is about Walt Disney’s attempt to convince Mrs. Travers to sign over the movie rights to him, while the other, unanticipated story-line, is about a young Pamela Travers’ and her trials as a young child that inspired her novel “Mary Poppins.”  

The story of the young Pamela is far more important than the story with Disney. “IMPOSSIBLE” you say, “the story with Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson has to be the more important story. Those are big name actors and they always produce a top notch performance.” If this is what you are thinking, then you would be right, of course. But we know already that she does eventually sign over the rights to Walt Disney to make the movie, what we don’t know is why she was so difficult about every single specific detail. This is the story that Emma Thompsons’ (Pamela Travers’) flashbacks to when she was a little girl tells the audience. Mary Poppins was a real person, yes, we see this from the preview. But the story “Mary Poppins” isn’t about what the real life Mary Poppins did, it is what she promised young Pamela she would do, and failed. Therefore the story that Mrs. Travers writes is an (albeit fantasized version) of how she wished things could have happened.

So What?!
 This movie is far more substantive than the audience is led to believe initially. The film is very funny, charming, clever, with plenty of snark and at moments hits close to home about the realities in every fairy story. Emma Thompson, Tom Hanks, Colin Ferrell, Paul Giamatti and the little girl that plays young Pamlea Travers (Annie Buckley) reminds us yet again what great actors like them can do. In delivering pitch perfect characters, they make us forget that what we are watching, isn’t actually real (and Annie Buckley reminds us that not all child actors suck these days). If you have a moment, I would definitely recommend this movie! It is worth your time.

—- Side note: If you wait into the credits at the end of the movie they will show the actual pictures of these people, which is kinda cool. Also they will play a legit recording of Pamela Travers listing her demands for the film. (The recording comes after the old photographs.)

Death, Shame and Albino’s

In this weeks installment of “Your Average Joe” I am going to talk about the television show “Castle”, the upcoming movie “5th Estate” and Miley Cyrus’ new-ish album “Bangerz”

     I have been a dedicated viewer of this television series since its first season as I am a big fan of Nathan Fillion. From Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Serenity and especially as Captain Hammer in Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog I have admired his versatile ability but also his inherent humor and silliness that I relate to. To my great joy therefore I was not disappointed when initially watching Castle. However, as the show has gone on I see a looming problem that has already begun to manifest itself. The show has no where else to go and therefore they are repeating themselves. With this season they attempted to add diversity by sending the love interest and main character, Kate Beckett, to Washington D.C. to be a federal agent. This lasted for three episodes because it isn’t like she can leave the show, or be gone from any of the episodes as she is the foil to the character of Castle.
       (SO WHAT?)
 — With all this in mind my assessment is that I am still entertained by this show, but my interest is starting to fall as the show is becoming predictable and repetitive. 

Bangerz– Miley Cyrus has been on the news and entertainment shows quit a bit recently because of her performance at the VMA’S but that is not what I am going to talk about. I could care less that she danced the way she did. I am no Miley fan, I was too old when she made her debut on the Disney channel resulting in having never (willingly) listened to her teen-bopper music, and liking it even less when I did hear it. To my great surprise I really liked the few songs from Bangerz I heard on the radio. I decided to give the album a chance and listened to the songs with an open mind. Though it makes me nauseous to admit, I really liked it and even purchased the entire thing from iTunes. The album has a variety of quality beats and addictive rhythms with story-esque lyrics that are more mature sounding than I would have ever expected from her.
     (SO WHAT?)
— This album is worth at least one listen (with an open mind) because of its universally understandable and relatable songs with beats that’ll stick in your head. 
5th Estate- The movie 5th Estate comes out this Friday (October 18). This movie is my pick of the week for a must see. The casting of the movie is chocked full of quality actors such as Benedict Cumberbatch (the new phenomena in America from Sherlock and Star Trek into Darkness) Stanley Tucci (Devil Wears Prada) and Laura Linney (Hyde Park on Hudson) to name only a few. This movie is based on Julian Assange, the Albino looking guy who is the founder of WikiLeaks and is now a refugee from the American Government. Assange has been quite vocal (from China) about his anger about this movie. He wrote to the man playing him, Benedict, to tell him essentially that his movie is going to suck. Assange also wrote two general press releases and did an hour long interview via Skype with entertainment journalists to try and dissuade people from seeing this movie. Why is this guy so desperate to not have his story told of his life during this time? Of course it is a movie so it isn’t going to be 100% accurate but it is based on true events off of a book that was written by the man that was with Assange for 3 years during this time. Assange’s extreme aversion to this movie is very intriguing.
     (SO WHAT?) 
Though I have not yet seen the film, all the actors are top notch and the true events it is based off of are little known and very interesting/ relevant to the world we live in. This movie is my pick of the week because I think it is really going to be quality, intense, thrilling and fun.
All right, i’m adding this new section to all of my posts –
                                                            DID YOU KNOW … ?
———Did you know that Tom Hanks is the third cousin to President Abraham Lincoln?!————-
If you read this blog and disagree with any of my opinions, feel free to write a comment!